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Who are we?

procurement consultants Our approach

Avidus (a-vee-dus) is a growing advisory group focused on the Supply Base Management challenges of an increasingly uncertain and ever-changing world. We are led by industry experienced partners who bring a unique balance of perspective, expertise and disruptive curiosity to our clients. We believe in a healthy mix of pragmatism and data, talent and technology.

Clients chose Avidus because we don’t assume we know the answer. We know that silver bullets are a rare commodity, but we do know that we can help you get there.

Clients stay with Avidus because we only charge for progress. There is no day-rate fee, so our team is as fixated on results as you are.



Our Vision:

Avidus was founded with four key objectives in mind:

  1. Supporting larger organisations by de-constructing over burdensome procurement silos, behaviours and processes to drive agility and flexibility.
  2. Supporting emerging organisations by building procurement capabilities not functions. Developing and embedding skills and competencies not organisation charts and fiefdoms.
  3. Bringing customer focussed objectives and goals to the forefront of Supply Base Management.
  4. Using technology as a key enabler. Many organisations use technology to support existing activities, we see it as an enabler to re-thinking everything.

Our Values:

  1. Courage – to challenge today, to build for tomorrow.
  2. Integrity – open, transparent work from and for open and transparent people.
  3. Customer – keeping you and your customers central to the work and the outcomes.
  4. Learning – fostering a culture that doesn’t know everything, but wants to.
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