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Avidus Partners Consulting

A three dimensional view of the World isn’t enough.

4D Insights modelling brings data to live and helps our clients find business value from the data.

The model is iterative and builds through 4 dimensions.

DETERMINANTS: What makes you successful? What does value look like to you? Answering these two questions is often harder than you think and the answers are different for everyone. Our approach takes you through all the elements of determination. We help you identify value and understand what it means for your organisation.

DATA: Data is two-fold: it is both what we know and, crucially, what we don’t know. Often being clear on what you don’t know is as important as reaffirming what you do know.

DIAGNOSTICS: Data helps you understand where you are but diagnostics helps you understand what could be better and what could be improved. It’s not about criticising (after all, most of today’s problems come from the solutions to yesterday’s problems), its about identifying what you could do next to be more successful.

DECISION: Everything is worthless unless you do something about it. Even if the something about it is nothing. Typically of course, working through Data, Diagnostics and Determinants brings you to a set of Decisions that radically improve your trajectory to future success.

Critically, the course of action you take and the course of action you don’t take direct your next steps and help you realise business value from base data.

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