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Avidus Partners Consulting approach

At Avidus we are endlessly curious, so our approach is centred around an open discovery dialogue with the client.

We try not to pre-suppose anything, we make no assumptions.

An initial engagement with Avidus involves several Situation Assessment Dialogues. These sessions are designed to gauge an accurate picture of your present and help you steer towards the future.

Seeing the horizon before you set sail for it helps you structure the journey with more confidence, capability and certainty. Once you set sail you will also need to course correct as the World ebbs and flows around you.

In many cases our approach includes working more closely with your strategic partners (suppliers, customers, supporting organisations). All too often these are seen as adversaries rather than partners, battles rather than collaborations. Changing the perspective on these relationships enables us to introduce a much broader view of how we work with you to deliver real value.

We are fearless in our pursuit of value.

Value is often difficult to articulate, sometimes it is about how you are not what you are. For many of our clients it is about leveraging ‘who you are not how much you are’. Value comes in many forms but starting with a goal of delivering value is already a game changer.

Values are not objectives and are often not just financial goals, values are about leveraging identity as well as financial strength.

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