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Intelligent Supply Base Management for Biotech and Emerging Pharma

Capability not Function

Intelligent Supply Base Management for Biotech and Emerging PharmaProcurement can be a scary word, it speaks to silos and cumbersome processes, so we try not to use it. We think more about “Supply Base Management”. As the demands on your business become more complex, we believe that your supply base has to be better integrated and aligned to help you succeed. We also believe that this is not the preserve of a single function. Your suppliers can be a key driver of your success, but you don’t need a Procurement function, you need a Procurement capability. We think that Supply Base Management is an essential skill-set for your organisation because suppliers touch all parts of your business, you need the best ones to help you succeed and because your company has to manage them fairly, ethically and compliantly.

Focus on the Science

Intelligent Supply Base Management for Biotech and Emerging PharmaWe founded Avidus having spent much of our careers in Procurement and Supply Base Management in big Pharma. If we learnt anything from that experience it is that organisations need to leverage their suppliers in the most professional ways possible to get value from them. Not savings, but value. Value takes many forms and is often not financial. In emerging organisations like yours, the focus has to be on cost effective relationships that are simple, efficient, innovative, and compliant. You need to stay focused on the science and of course the resulting benefits for your patients, you do not need to spend valuable time and resources on supply base management, because we can do that for you.

Why Avidus?

We think we can help you because we:

  1. understand biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.
  2. are not trying to add more boxes on your org chart, we want the ones you’ve already got to be capable of doing more.
  3. can bring supplier management skills and enabling technologies to your business.
  4. are project value focused not day-rate fee distracted, so we too are cost effective.

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